Let me guide you to easily create high converting copy where it matters most...

...and give you the 
tools and support

  you need to  start applying it today...

...so you can attract perfect customers, increase sales, and build a business (and life) you love. 


(No prior writing skills needed, pinky swear)


***Flashforward! We’re skipping ahead to after you’ve implemented the strategies in this course.***

You’re not online. In fact, you’re relaxing somewhere. Somewhere tropical, sipping a cool, sweet drink. And yet, you’re still converting sales and customers because your copy was built to do just that — be highly effective without you being present at all.

Every piece of your copy and content flows together in a glittering stream of conversion-oriented goodness.

Hold on, does copy really make money for your business?

Well, imagine earning $10k from three social media posts...while you relax and lounge somewhere tropical like we just talked about – beachside with a pink umbrella drink in hand!

That’s what happened to me. 

Your content is the deciding factor between succeeding and failing –between generating thousands of dollars and having explosive growth – or going kerplunk.

No clue what to write? Been there. 
No clear plan for consistency? Yep, done that.
Worried that the words you write won’t translate into dollars in your pocket? Lived that too.  

I started my own business in 2010, and I’ve been helping others create effective copy ever since. Now, more than 100 businesses and nonprofits have used my copy to grow their impact and increase their profits.

But let's back up. This was me in 2010, before I had a writing business.

Sitting in faded Champion sweats on a Saturday, fussing around with words like usual. Only this time, it was different. I was being paid. 

I had landed a $75/ hour contract to twiddle with the commas and conjunctions of ukulele rockstar Jake Shimabukuro's press release – a veritable windfall to my teacher salary, which in my 6th year averaged out to somewhere just above $1.26/hour with all the after hours, weekends, and vacation time I had to put in to keep pace.

I was intrigued. Getting to do the thing I loved most .... and being PAID?!? I tucked this moment away in my mind – something to be marveled at but not fully trusted. My future husband and I were house hunting – and the urgency was high. 

His dad was battling brain cancer, and one of his last wishes was to see the youngest of his three children “secure” in owning a house. I was vividly aware that one $75 writing side gig did not make for a mortgage payment. 

We found the house and were in escrow when a lay off notice plopped into my little wooden teacher inbox, nonchalantly slipped between the Scholastic book orders and faculty reminders. 

With Mike’s dad having recently passed, the next step seemed startlingly clear. Life was short, and no second chance was coming. 

I began my writing business.

I quickly found a spot at a local EdTech startup, and helped them reinvent their content systems. (That's me and my fam below on the company softball team.)

Three years in, the money and customers dried up at the startup, and I discovered how great copy without the right story behind it wasn’t so great after all.

With a foot still in the education world, I stepped into directing a writing camp at a local National Writing Project site (this is the largest professional development organization for teachers in the U.S.). I took the lessons learned about great storytelling and was quickly able to 10x the number of students served each summer. 

Business by business, I kept honing my storytelling skills, leading to big wins – like helping an environmental nonprofit double its 7-figure budget, building up a local festival to attract 30,000+ attendees each year, and supporting a brand in creating a $200k+ launch.

So, here we are today. You and me. 

If you’re like me, you’ve spent years building your business, product, or course (or honing the expertise that’s going to go into one of these ventures), and you’re really ready to take it to the next level. And if you’re smart about it, you know copy is going to make or break you.

"I’ve been in business 35 years as an entrepreneur and small business owner. I used to just piece together my copy like bubble gum, shoe string bandaid. I had all the right pieces, but in all the wrong order. Nicole helped me see the big picture, identify the hero of the story, and simplify it all so I could translate it into sales.”

- Susie Carder, “The Profit Coach”, Best Selling Author

“What I got out of just the first lesson would have been worth the entire cost of the course.”

- Dr. Katherine E James, Self Love Revolution

Copy can feel confusing...but it doesn't have to be!

If you're like me, writing copy and materials for your business can feel tricky.

You know that the right words will convey the message, attract the perfect customer, and make the sale. But what do the right words sound like? What do they look like?

“There’s been a massive progression in my business. This is giving me clarity on my brand – my voice, my tone. Before, I didn’t know what I wanted to say. Now, I can give the website person or anyone I’ve hired clear directions.”

- Deborah Trotman, Canna Heal You

How do I make my story interesting and engaging?

All of us have a unique story. And our business or product or course or launch has its own unique story too! So how do we package our stories in an exciting, engaging way?

“People didn’t know what to say about the powerful work we do, and it made me loony. What’s happening for me now is that I know the exact things I want others to say about my brand. There’s a depth and a power to this work, and I’m feeling an authenticity come through that is grounded in my heart unlike ever before.”

- Grandma Sparky, Blue Ribbon Worldwide

After working with 100+ nonprofits, entrepreneurs, and brands, you can imagine…

I learned which storytelling techniques are effective and which ones are just plain duds.

Life is all about stories. Humans connect to stories. Whether I was helping a nonprofit double its 7-figure budget or writing the content for a $200k+ launch, it all revolved around stories and telling them effectively.

Now, I’m here to share the shortcuts that make copy powerful and easy.

So, without further ado, I’d like to formally introduce you to my...


This highly tailored 6-week course comes fully equipped with:

☑️ Powerful teaching that you can access anytime

☑️ Hands-on copy support

☑️ Easy to Use Templates

☑️ Potent copywriting tips

☑️ Accountability support

This course also comes with
LIVE coaching, meaning you get real time answers, feedback, and support.


*That basically means you have nothing to lose and the best lessons of your business life to gain.


After this course, I can promise you all of your emails, webpages, social media...everything will be right on message and tuned to the exact frequency your ideal customer can hear. Your content will not only be conversion-oriented, but reflect professionalism and expertise. 

You’ll have put yourself in the customer’s shoes. You’ll have asked yourself “Would I be sold on this? Would I buy this myself because it’s that good?” And the answer is yes, yes you would! 


NO MORE missing thousands of dollars in sales from ideal clients who got the wrong first impression of you.

NO MORE wasted hours as you stare at the blinking cursor late at night, crossing your fingers that you'll get the wording right.

NO MORE guessing whether your content is going to pay off or not.


Part 1:
The Course

Receive hands on guidance to identify:

WHERE your copy is missing the mark, WHAT to do to make it sound authentic to you and magnetic to customers, and HOW to apply your new copy everywhere you show up online.


Part 2:
The Community

You aren’t alone on your journey to optimize your copy and level up your conversions…

Get access to driven entrepreneurs like you across the country (and the globe). You’re stepping into a network of VALUABLE, HONEST feedback.


Part 3:
The Coaching

You’ll get weekly LIVE coaching calls. FOR 6 FULL WEEKS.

Real time feedback, hands on copy support, and exclusive training are all available to you, each and every week. No other copy course comes close to this level of personalized support.



This SIX module course walks you STEP-BY-STEP through building the foundation, writing the copy, and then applying it in ALL the places you want to show up .

In (almost) the blink of an eye, you'll know how to make your copy feel authentic and true to you – whether you're writing yourself or bringing on a team. 

This applies no matter your industry, age, personality, brand message, or platform – and will serve you over and over again as you and your business evolve. Why? We are teaching you HOW to fish, and no one can ever take this learning away. 

Module 1

  • Unlock the power of turning your customer into a hero
  • Learn how to make the transformation you provide crystal clear 
  • Learn how to apply this hero story EVERYWHERE you have copy

Module 2

  • Find your brand personality and voice
  • Learn how to bring that unique voice and personality out in your content, social media, website, and more
  • BONUS: Pro Copy Writer Secrets that anyone can apply immediately to dramatically improve their copy TODAY

Module 3

  • Your website is the only portal you 100% control online. Learn how to harness that power to tell your hero story and win over customers
  • Learn how to create the must have pages for your site
  • Dive into additional pages that add increasing value

Module 4

  • Get shortcuts to being a pro on social media 
  • Apply your hero story & voice to every channel
  • BONUS: Pro Social Media Planning Templates to take away the guesswork and lighten your workload

Module 5

  • Funnel Guidelines & Content Audit
  • Applying your hero story & voice to emails and funnels
  • BONUS: 200k Email Launch

Module 6

  • Learn to create a high quality content mix

  • Map out how to repurpose content to save lots of time

  • Set up your content calendar for the year – in just one day!


  • Lifetime access to Six Figure Content course modules – so you can go back and revisit any time ($12,000+ value)

  • 6 Weekly  live group coaching calls ($4,500 value)

  • Scripts, templates, and swipe files for website, social media, funnels, and more ($10,000 value)

  • Individual content support with feedback, proofreading, and rich community of like-minded leaders collaborating in private group ($4,000 value)


  • Pro Copywriter Secrets ($1,497 value)
  • Guiding Your Copywriter Toolkit ($297 value)






I created this course for YOU.
All the LIVE teaching, hands-on support, templates, and writing tips.
If you watch the videos, apply the teachings, and plug into the community to get support along the way, you WILL create higher converting copy – guaranteed.

But, if you are truly not seeing the value or results, let us know and you will be issued a 100% refund.

Are you ready to start producing beautiful copy that tells authentic stories, draws people in, and converts them seamlessly?


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